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The Flamingos in Aruba

The Flamingos are a huge attraction on the island , especially with the folk of instagram however be warned the pictures are not all that they seem.

Firstly the flamingos do not roam the Island free!

They are in fact pets belonging to the Renaissance Marriott Hotel.

In recent years these beautiful birds have become an Instagram Sensation with bloggers flocking there - Only for lots of them to be left highly disappointed.

As previously mentioned, flamingos are not native to Aruba, and can only be found on the hotels private island. Now, this island is actually separate from the Renaissance hotel. So, for example, even if you stay at the resort, you won’t be able to walk straight from your room to Flamingo Beach. In fact, arriving at the private island involves a short eight-minute ride via a water taxi! Then, you’ll need to go specifically to the Flamingo Beach section to see the flamingos.

The island is open daily 7am - 6pm

Access to the flamingos or Renaissance Island is for hotel guests only and they are free to go back and forth all day.

The island is to be fair stunning however there are rules!

For non guests they run a first come first served ticket system.

Day passes - Island access is limited.

To obtain a pass over to the island you need to be in the Queue at the front of the hotel at 9am sharp. (They do release some tickets online at 7am but they are limited) Note that If the hotel is running more than 80% occupancy, tickets do not go on sale and you can be left disappointed

If you are lucky enough to bag a day pass it will cost you £125pp which includes lunch and a drink.


To guarantee a pic with these stunning creatures, book a single night stay at the hotel! We booked a Family Ocean suite for £150.00 dollars a night. Saving us £100s in day passes.

The hotel is situated at the end of the islands airport runway so i would suggest only staying a maximum of 2 nights before moving onto the other side of the island

Also be aware if you're travelling with Children -

Flamingo beach is Adults only - Children are only permitted for the hour between 9 and 10am - We thought they'd be relaxed but they are extremely Strict and all families are asked to leave the beach at 10am sharp

Families can still enjoy a fun day on the beautiful island tho by plotting up on the northern side of the island on Iguana Beach which boasts an array of Cabanas, a Play park , The Restaurant - Mangroves, The island Spa and over water hammocks

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