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Maldives - Things to know

Fun Facts!

1 - It is in fact Illegal to take shells from the beaches in the Maldives -

The have strict policies, the reason being thats shells end up being homes for hermit crabs and they in turn play a huge role in controlling the sand fly population

(Trust me you do not want to get caught up in a swarm of sand flies. Bites can sometimes be mistaken for mosquito bites but much more painful!)

2 - Maldives is a 100 percent Muslim Country - However unlike Dubai they don't do Ramadan.

3 - Watch out for hidden charges.

Make sure you've budgeted for those whopping extra charges before you leave. With taxes as much as 22 percent on all food and activities we would suggest you jump at that all inclusive board option!

Be mindful that fees are charged for all services Foodies -

I'm sorry but in the Maldives all food is imported - very few ingredients are grown locally, which means it's not a food lovers paradise

Resort restaurants can be amazing with International Chefs but overall the food isn’t michelin starred quality. Yes there's a good choice of restaurants on many islands but trust me you won't be blown away.

4 - Some Islands have their own time zones.

To maximise sunlight hours some resorts will have their own time zones, sometimes upto 2 hours ahead of Male time . This can get very confusing when return flights are involved but fear not, the hotels are more than used to puzzled travellers and will keep you updated of departure flight times the day before.

6 - Drones!

Sorry influencers .... Some Islands are in no fly zones and the use of Drones can carry huge fines. Check with your hotel before you book.


When booking flights with seaplane transfers be mindful that seaplanes don't have landing strips or lights. Plan your arrival carefully as a late flight into the mainland could leave you stuck at the airport for the evening.

Directs flights

All direct flights from the uk land with plenty of time to transfer to the seaplane terminal. Please check that any connecting flight does not land later than 4pm - Seaplane restrictions apply.


When flying in from Dubai use these flights:

9.50am - Air Dubai 10am - Emirates

Things to know about male airport

Upon landing in Male go through customs and find your hotel rep. It's busy but they make it easy to find them.

There are 3 Ways to transfer to the Islands


Domestic flight


Travelling by Boat? If you're staying close to male this would be an option

You can board your boat from the terminal. Your rep will guide you .Prices vary


The most expensive but quickest way

Your rep will recheck your baggage back in and direct you to a bus which will take you the 3 minute drive to the seaplane terminal. Seaplanes run on demand like buses - Very much like a hop on hop off service.

Seaplane nerves ? don't worry, many resorts are accessible by boat

Four Season Kuda Hura - 280 USD pp

Coca Island by Camo - 350 USD pp

Sheraton - 136 USD pp

Huvafen Fusha - 369 USD pp

Taj Exotica - 198 USD pp

Meeni Island - 150 USD pp Anantara Veli/Dhigli - 240 USD pp

Banyan Tree

One and only yacht - 2.5 hours cruise

Please note .... Boats can be choppy - not suitable for pregnant women or people with injuries

Domestic flights

These are scheduled and so the wait may be longer


Luxefamily5 recommends...


1 Kandima

2 Bandos

3 Finolhu

4 Jumeirah Vitalli (Beacon closed)

5 Soneva Fushi

6 Six Senses Laamu

7 Niyama Private Island

8 Atmosphere Kanifushi 9 Four Seasons Kuda Huraa

10 Centara Grand

11 Sun Aqua vilu reef

12 Constance Halaveli


1 Soneva Jani

2 Sonva Fusha - Land Villas - Water Villas due for completion June 2020.

2 Gili Lankanfushi Shared slides - Oblu Sangeli


1 Adults only - Hurawalhi

2 Four Seasons

3 Sonevas

4 Amilla Fushi

5 Finolhu

6 One + Only Reethi Rah ££

7 Vela Private Island

8 Lux

9 Kanuhura


Cheval Blanc


Reethi Rah



We took a look on the activity website Viator to pick some fun activities to do while on the islands

  • Snorkelling

  • Full day adventure - £200

  • Swim nurse sharks

  • Local island trip - £132

  • Submarine tour

  • Day pass club med resort - £154

  • 2 day searose cruise - £5,800 - Note - Most of these start in Mainland

Want to make your stay extra special .... Add on a few extras

Destination Dinner

Dolphin Cruise

Sunset Champagne cruise


Castaway evening - left on an Island

Night in a bubble


Visit a local Island

Special - Spend a few nights on a live aboard


Maldivians have the highest literacy percentage in the world. 98% can read and write. They have a British education system. If you're travelling with food allergies the resort chefs are incredible and will cater for your every need.

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