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About us

Hello! I'm Rachael 

London based luxury travel writer, agent, award winning parent influencer, wife to Shak and mummy to Jasmine, Thandie, Paris and Aspen

About Luxefamily5

Since becoming parents these past 8 years have been a whirlwind of ups and downs, highs and lows and a lot of adventure. Children don't have to stop you seeing the world. In fact for us its just the opposite...

For as long as i can remember I've had the travel bug but it wasn't until recently i got to call my obsession a 'job'. After returning as a family from our world trip in 2018 i took it upon myself to go back to college and train as both a travel journalist and agent. I'm now lucky enough to be a regular contributor to many family travel magazines and online publications as well as a travel agent and mentor for over 1000 home based travel agents in the U.K.

As a family of six I think we've proven that life does not have to stop with kids. There's something magical about seeing the world through a child's eyes as you'll see we document on this website.


Our hope is that while on our website you gain some knowledge and confidence to step out of your comfort zones and travel. Even if that means only one of you our job is done.

I'm Rachael Lalji,

A London based luxury travel writer, agent, award-winning parent influencer, wife to Shak and mummy to Jasmine, Thandie, Paris and Aspen.

Welcome to our page. We're so glad you've found us here on our little slice of the internet. This is where we hang out daily, talking everything from mum life and new babies, to our main passion, travel. 

We'll be sharing our secrets on how to travel the world happily and stress free as a large family, holiday ideas, parenting hacks and tips on family friendly luxury. You'll also find reviews on our favourite worldwide resorts and locations, as well as our up to date travel essential must haves. 

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Looking for that perfect getaway?

Our Luxe Family Travel Team has over 1,000 UK based, independent travel specialists awaiting to assist you. 

Let me take the stress away

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