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A country located in east Africa, Kenya is known for its incredible Safari facilities. A diverse country, Kenya is host to over 40 ethnic groups.

Mount Kenya is the second highest Africa and the country takes its name from the mountain.

Most of Kenya's tourism comes from the U.K and Germany with many guests travelling to visit the game reserves and beaches.

giraffe manor

Visa required?



Kenyan Shilling



Key information 


Kenya's national currency is the Kenyan shilling and although foreign currencies such as US Dollars are widely accepted (and indeed the currency required for activities like hot-air balloon safaris) we'd recommend using local currency pay for bar bills, souvenirs and meals not included in your itinerary.


You need a visa to enter Kenya. You can either get a visa on arrival at the airport, or before you travel. You can apply for single entry and transit visas on the Evisas website.

Please note your passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry to Kenya. Make sure you have two blank pages in your passport on arrival. 

Best time to travel

Generally, the best time to visit Kenya is in either the two dry seasons, from January to Marcher July to October. Given the nature of the dry season, wildlife spotting is at its best at this time.Vegetation is sparser, making distance viewing a lot easier. Plus, the animals tend to gather around waterholes as well as rivers and lakes, so finding them is also much easier.

Average temperatures

Kenya's daytime temperatures average between 20 degrees and 28 degrees, but it is warmer on the coast. Kenyans too close to the equator to experience a real winter and summer. There is, however, both a Dry and Wet season

Child friendly rating

You're not going to find a water park that's for sure! However, the things your children will learn in this country will shape them forever. Our children were 2.5 , 3 and 6 when we took them on their first safari and they enjoyed every second of it. The hotels were more than accommodating.

Please note not all of the safaris will take children under 6 but lots do so based on this we give Kenya a 7/10 child friendly rating.


You need to take malaria tablets for 7 days prior to entry to the country through to 7 days after leaving.

A yellow fever vaccination certificates only required of travellers 1 year and above coming from (or who are in airport transit for more than 12 hours within)  a country with risk of yellow fever transmission. Covid double vaccination TBC

Typical itinerary: 

Where to stay 

Looking for a hotel recommendation? Look no further. 

We've handpicked some of our favourite hotels to share with you. 

Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor 



Solio Lodge

Solio Lodge

Salas Camp

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