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Mumbai, formally known as Bombay is a densely populated city on Indian west coast. A financial centre, it is India's largest city, famous for the Taj Hotel, Gateway of India and is the heart of the Bollywood film industry.

The world's most expensive house is located in Mumbai. The 27 story skyscraper is valued at almost 1 billion dollars. 

Rudyard Kipling,  the iconic author of the Jungle book was born in Mumbai.

While Mumbai may be the wealthiest city in the country, it also houses Asia's largest slum, Dharavi.

The fact that the city of Mumbai brings opposites together is what makes it beautiful. Rich and poor, Nature and human made, mountains and the sea. Its' a must see city

Visa required?



Indian Rupees



Key information 


The currency used is Indian Rupees. Euro and Dollar are widely exchanged at all money exchangers in Mumbai.


Yes. You must apply to the Indian embassy for a visa before travelling.

Best time to travel

Mumbai is hot and humid. June to September is the wet monsoon season. The best time to visit Mumbai is between October and March when the monsoon rains have ceased and the country is largely warm and dry.

Average temperatures

Temperatures rarely drop below 24 degrees and can peak at 36/37 degrees in the summer.

Child friendly rating

The people of Mumbai are some of the most helpful in the country. Many think it's crazy to travel to Mumbai with children, however we disagree. No you won't find any water parks or attractions but Mumbai is a plethora of sights, smells, and experiences.

Please note the Indians can be very starry, and a little grabby and everyone will want a picture with you.

We rate Mumbai a 8/10 


Typhoid , Diphtheria and Typhoid are advised 

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Where to stay 

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