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Abu Dhabi is the capital city in the UAE and the largest of the seven emirates. Located 1 hour 20 minutes drive away from Dubai, Abu Dhabi is growing in popularity with uk tourists. 

The grand Prix, Ferrari world, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and gold dispensing ATM's have tourists flocking to its pristine white beaches. If you're wondering if you should visit Abu Dhabi, the country is ideal for adventurers who know how to enjoy the sand and sea with a cultural twist.

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Key information 


The Dirham is the official currency although US dollars are taken in most hotels as well.


A 30 day tourist visa is issued upon arrival in the UAE

Best time to travel

Abu Dhabi is sunny all year round however the summer months, June, July and August can be unbearably hot. The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is during the winter months, from November to April. January and February see heavy tourist traffic because of the Dubai Shopping Festival, Which makes the city come alive. Ramadan is a yearly muslim festival which sees the country go dry ( no alcohol), from sunrise to sunset. This time is best avoided for party goers. Ramadan 2021 takes place between 12th April and the 11th May.

Average temperatures

The lowest average temperatures are around 20 degrees in January, while in June temperatures sit at around 30 degrees . July and August can see temperatures soar to over 40 degrees.

Child friendly rating

Most of the hotels are extraordinarily child-friendly. While Abu Dhabi may have a reputation for being a playground for the rich, this family-friendly city should known as a playground for  the little ones too.

We rate Dubai a 10/10


No Jabs are required for Abu Dhabi

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